The 4-Step Approach & Strategy consists of understanding, planning, acting and following up. One of the best ways to achieve your financial goals is to follow a proven method. To do this, we recommend a four-step approach:

1 > Understand

Your needs form the basis of your personalized financial approach. Thus, your advisor will first take the time to get to know you and identify your goals, your priorities, your investment horizon and your risk tolerance. He will also explain you the ideal procedure for you and will inform you about the various issues related to your situation.

Your role:

  • Provide your advisor with all relevant information and documents.
  • Understand how the decisions you make today will have an impact in the future.

  • Ask questions.

  • Understand issues such as the risk-return on investment and the importance of time and patience.

2 > Plan

With the information you have provided, your advisor will conduct a detailed analysis of your situation and produce a personalized action plan to achieve your goals. It will assess the feasibility of your projects in the short, medium and long term, taking into account the current situation of your investments.
Your personalized plan is your road map. It allows you to set your savings and return rates based on your assets to reach the level of assets you will need at a specific points in your life.

Your role:

  • Identify your objectives and establish, with your advisor, all the parameters that must be taken into consideration when making decisions related to the management of your assets.
  • Evaluate the proposed plan with your advisor, making sure you are comfortable with it.

3 > Act

The time has come to put the plan in place by evaluating the various solutions appropriate to your needs. Your advisor will present different approaches that will allow you to take advantage of your money from the full potential of the financial markets.
It is important here not to neglect any aspect of your situation since the recommendations that will be made to you will cover all of your financial investments.
Your advisor will make sure you are comfortable and understand the proposed solutions.

Your role:

  • Understand and evaluate solutions with your advisor.

  • Confirm your choices.

  • Maintain good communication with your advisor to readjust your investments if the situation requires us.

4 > Follow

Financial markets and the economic environment will be carefully monitored by your advisor. It has tools and information that allows it to assess whether you are still on the right track and determine what adjustments are needed.
As your personal circumstances evolve, it will be important to evaluate the effect of changes with your advisor and adjust your plan accordingly by resuming the four-step process.

Your role:

  • Regularly monitor your situation with your advisor and quickly communicate any changes that may affect your personalized plan.